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6'4" and 235 geared up

Loving these things for what they are. I find myself reaching for these almost every time I go out, these take almost anything I throw at them. Something wider is nice if you're heavy and skiing cold smoke or skinning super deep pow and you can feel how soft they are on the groomers (you probably know that if you're looking for a light ski).

Best overall ski I have ever owned. From Roger's Pass in BC to Corbett couloir in the Tetons, these things see weekly use.

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I have G3 Onyx bindings and use either Scarpa Mobe or Meastral RS boots, depending on where I'm skiing.

Depending on what type of snow you'll be on these could be the ticket. If you're doing workouts on un-groomed, un-tracked trails or hills with soft snow these would be great but if it's not deep, soft snow there are lighter, narrower options.
Same goes for the groomers. These are a blast in powder but they can be more work if the snow is hard or icy than other skis I've used unless I keep the speed way up.

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I'm basically the same size as you and looking at these skis for uphill skiing workouts...but want to be able to enjoy groomers with buddies too. Do you think these skis would fit the bill?

what bindings/boots are you running on these?