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5 stars @ $140

This pad is great for several reasons. First the bad: people say this pad is stiff, it is. I'm not looking for a bed though; I want something that absorbs force and protects my body. This pad does those things in part because it's so stiff.

The good: This pad is 5 inches thick, so it has a lot of time to absorb force and spread it out. On uneven terrain it really shines because it doesn't deform a great deal on a hard landing. It's $140, as cheap as the thinnest and smallest pads out there, at a respectable size and huge thickness. They don't even skimp on too many features. Sure you can get a pocket, or a funky fold out of another pad, but this pad has the foam where you need it (under you), straps in the right places, durable buckles, and a method to attach it to other pads. That's the last real bonus with this pad, I bet your buddy has one, or his buddy. You can join them easily and securely if the problem calls for it, because it seems like half the people out there already have one of these.