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Gear Review

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21 days later....

I now have 21 rides on these gloves and have found a few breakdowns now. The strip of padding that runs along the base of the fingers has gotten worked pretty good. It is hard to describe but has kind of folded in half beneath the fabric of the palm which results in lumpier padding. The wrist is meant for skinnier wrists and the velcro is not strong enough to make up for that, so it comes undone often.

There are things I still like about these gloves, such as the mesh fabric between the fingers and the abundance of nose-wiper fabric on not just the thumb, but the index finger as well. Those parts are great, but I think I will buy a different glove next time on account of the padding issues.

I would still recommend them for a more casual rider, but not if you are riding 4+ days a week.