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104, 105, 106s ?

I ordered this shoe as I was told it was a replacement for 104 GTXs. This information was incorrect - the 106 GTX was the shoe I was after. The 105s are a very different shoe, apparently on a different last: too narrow in the forefoot, too stiff (flexibility) and too firm (cushioning) for my tastes. North Face should really change the names of these shoes to reflect that, other that the XCR, they aren't really related.

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Is this the shoe you are looking for?
Cause if so, I have it and I have to say that it is a pretty awesome shoe. Even though they are classified as running shoes, I use them as my everyday hiking shoe.
After reading your review of the 104s, I have to say that the 106s are almost the exact opposite. I have found that they have a big toe-box, are pretty dang flexible, and in my opinion, are comfortable strait out of the box.
I hope that this helps.