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yo i got a boot that is a size 10, and it...

yo i got a boot that is a size 10, and it aint changin anytime soon so i was wonderin if the M/L will fit me, or will it be too small???? the dude at the shop said that the base plate on the L/XL is too big for my 148 latch key, and that the M/L would work.. just tryna get another opinion.

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Well my buddy rides a Park Signal 152 with a waist of around 25 cm and he uses a L/XL pair of these bad boys. It was really just because of his foot size(11) and he is rockin the 2008 Vans DK pro boot. It all depends on the waist width on your board. I ride a Rome Machine 154w and obv bec I have bigger feet, I have to ride L/XL bindings. I have this years contacts but in the CMKY print, and lemme tell you that you will not go wrong with these bindings. You should just bring your boots into a shop and see how they fit, because every boot is shaped a lil different. I ride a pair of last years 32 TM2's and there is minimal spacing from my heel cup and cage to my boot. In my opinion they give me just enough space to get down and durrty lol. But it would prob be better to just take them in and see for yourself. But these bindings are sick and you will have mad fun with these