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yea what's the deal would this thing be...

yea what's the deal would this thing be good for using as a lightweight fry-pan? Would it sit on a jet-boil stove?

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It would, but it's not supposed to. The sides aren't very high, which I think could be a problem. And it's only 7 inches across. Snow Peak pot lids are actually intended to be fry pans, so I'd go for that, but if you really want to save space, weight, and $$$, go for it. Titanium melts at about double the temperature butane burns at, so it'll hold up just fine.--And titanium is actually a better heat conductor than stainless steel so the pan would heat up faster. Aluminum is substantially better than both, but who wants Alzheimer's?

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you could totally use it but when it gets hot you will definitely need something to grab it. I would be nervous using my jetboil and this plate. the whole idea seems unstable. Would not be my choice to use those together.