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would this work with the thermarest trekker...

would this work with the thermarest trekker chair? would using it in the chair (if I am anwesome 250 lbs) murder the pad? Thanks

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You should be fine. The baffles spread the load evenly, so you won't stress any seams too much. Depending on the season, I weigh anywhere between 205 and 240 lbs, and have never had a problem with any quality pad.

The description for the chair says it's compatible with any Thermarest pad. Just make sure you match the width to your chair (either 20" or 25")

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both the pad and lounge chair showed up and seems to handle me weight well. For those of you that are worried about the sound, dont be. Its minimal at most. Doesnt pack down super small with the lounge chair kept on but still small enough to to justify the comfort and ease of the chair.