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would this be a good pack for both ski...

would this be a good pack for both ski mountaineering and summer multi day backpacking trips?

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Hey again. Tough call between the Argon, which is burlier, and the Aether 85, which is lighter. Either will carry skis, and are designed for winter mountaineering and summer trail use. There are a few basic variations, but I guess it really boils down to the specific fit of each. If possible, try them both on locally, or order both, test them out, return the one that doesn't make the cut. No grief from BC. These two packs are definitely the top picks in their size range for what you're looking for IMO. Osprey's site has a better outline of the features and specs, check that out first.

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I'm with Phil on this one as an either or, but I lean slightly to the Aether 85. The Aether pack is more flexible and offers better movement for ski mountaineering, and it kicks ass as a backpacking pack.