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will these boots fit in my burton freestyle...

will these boots fit in my burton freestyle bindings and r these true to size

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Good question, yes they will fit in the bindings just fine. From what I've learned about having owned several pairs of Burton bindings ( Freestyle's included), is that if you're own the edge or between bindings sizes in their size chart (S=6-8, M=8-11 and L=10+), you can size down as they tend to be a few mm's wider than most brands and are adjustable lengthwise. I wouldn't really consider these to a bulky boot anyhow, so if you're worried about that, don't be.
As far as these fitting true to size I'd say so. Today actually I tried on a DC Journey boot in my street size of 10. I'd say it fit very true to size, couldn't imagine buying bigger or smaller in them, toes were right where they needed to be. Hope this helped.