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will allow me to return...

will allow me to return my selewa alp trainer boots after hiking with them several times? i cant seem to find any info reguarding whether or not the returned item must be unused. (i only hiked with them hoping they would be more comfortable after the break in period) they are constructed unevenly, and cause great discomfort/blisters.

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They will take them back questions asked. These guys have the best warranty I've ever seen and I have had nothing but positive experiences with customer service.

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Plus, Salewa offers a blister-free guarantee.

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It is worth mentioning that in order to get the Salewa blister-free guarantee, they boots must have been properly fitted. Not sure how that works when you buy from an online retailer. However Backcountry has an awesome return policy so if you have problems, they will take the boots back no questions asked