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where can you put your tent on this...

where can you put your tent on this pack?

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You could take the poles out of you tent's storage bag, and store it horizontally on the exterior of the pack, towards the bottom by the sleeping bag compartment. You may need an extra storage loop or fastener or something to accomplish that but it's a nice way to free up space inside your bag and if your tent is light enough you won't notice the weight being on the outside. Plus with the poles being out, you can compress the crap out of the tent to do this. OR you could remove the poles (store them vertically in the main compartment of your pack) and put them tent in the sleeping bag compartment of the pack. Or you could store it inside the pack on the side, vertically. Or you could store it on the outside of the pack, on the side, vertically- looks like there are some really good gear loops for holding pads and such.