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where can i find a footprint for this...

where can i find a footprint for this tent?

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Much to the disappointment of Marmot... I would build your own. It's cheaper and lighter. Take 5mm plastic available at any hardware store and cut it to fit your tent exactly. Then add packaging tape reinforcements to the edges (you can get super fancy and add tie out points using p-cord and packaging tape). In general, I've found these homemade jobs to be more waterproof, cheaper, and lighter than the 'officials'. Also, the provide plenty of protection. I've used this system with a sil-nylon tent, think crepe paper, for 5 years and the tent's floor is still without damage. Also, if you do happen to tear the "footprint"... well, it will cost you about $0.17 to build a new one. Light, functional, durable, cheap...

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Footprint for Marmot Aura fits perfect..