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what's the difference between these and...

what's the difference between these and the Saloman TA 2 Mat Sandal?

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The light amphib 3 is classified as a shoe, and as such will offer you more support and cushioning, but not really that much. and it weighs far less than the TA2 MAT.

the TA2 MAT is labelled as a sandal.

they will both drain well. they have roughly the same lacing system, they both have a similar non marking sole with EVA foam cushioning etc...

own neither, but have tried on both, so take my comments for what they are worth, but i felt like the TA2 MAT was more comfortable. i cannot reall put my finger on why, just was....

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Thanks. I have the TA Mat 2 and love it-if it is a sandal, it is a sandal on steroids. I ordered the light amphib 3