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what ski crampons go w/ these? I have the...

what ski crampons go w/ these? I have the 115s... thanks

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Unfortunately they have not yet made a ski crampon for this binding.

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thanks for the suggestion. just contacted voile and this is what they said...:
"Our ski crampons are really only for use with telemark bindings. The only way you could make it work with an AT binding is to mount the crampon in front of the binding (which will work, though it would be slightly less effective)."

also contacted Salomon and they were not that helpful. basically just said they didn't make one and they had no idea if anything else could work. I suggested they call that out in their product description and the rep just said its not his job. super frustrating.

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They do have crampons for Guardian/Tracker.. I've only seen them sold in overseas stores so far. Bet you could get your local dealer to order. They have them in 115mm.