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what other packs compare? top middle and...

what other packs compare? top middle and bottom access?,removeable fanny pack? and even lighter?

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You can try the osprey aether or atmos... (The Kestrel is nice as well, but no removable top. i think the aether is closer to what you are looking for. I had a Gregory that fell apart after 6 short trips, I have heard mixed reviews on the durability of Gregory Packs. You can't go wrong with Osprey's "All Mighty Guarantee"

Osprey's packs are really light in comparison as well.

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For me, the decision came down to the Gregory Baltoro or the Osprey Aether. Before actually trying to packs on, I was leaning towards the Osprety Aether. It was lighter, had the All Might Guarantee and I liked how it looked visually. However after trying the packs on, I was sold on the Gregory. Don't get me wrong. The Aether would be a great pack, as long as you aren't carrying more than 25 pounds or so. There was a very noticeable difference between the comfort of the packs when you starting packing the packs with more than 30 pounds.

The removable fanny pack isn't anything to write home about. I would prefer the pack have a better removable pack, however it suffices for its purpose.