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what is the difference between the Keen...

what is the difference between the Keen Voyageur and the Keen Alamosa?

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Hey Nancy,
The Alamosa has a smaller toe cap, so it's not as bulky as the Voyageur and across the forefoot of the Alamosa there is 2 to 3 mm less volume, it's the same width but less volume. Why does KEEN do this? They feel the person using the Alamosa over the Voyageur is going to be a little more active ie. they may run up a hill, instead of walking, so the want the forefoot to be more secure, more agile.
KEEN also rounds the soles corners for the same reason on the Alamosa. They both a very stable and use a stone bruising plate in the midsole.
The Alamosa looks more sporty too, kind of a cross between a trail running shoe and a full on hiking shoe. I hope this helps.

Thanks, Jerry