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what determines the length you should go...

what determines the length you should go with?
im 5 7'
although i am only 110 pounds(im very lean)
what would be a good length?

i was thinking the vibrant blue, i think its 153...not sure though

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Hey it all determines on what you like to ride and where you ride it.
I have 3 boards that i really enjoy riding. Rome graft 149, Rome Agent 152 and the rome Artifact 150.
There all awesome boards and there all different sizes

Im around the same hight you are, but im 5'8

I really enjoy my rome agent because the tail and nose is not to short and i butter up the park
and get some mad pop

I currently ride my graft thought more often
and it a great board but its a lil smaller so i cant butter like i do with my agent

but my artifact is just the right size for every thing.
But watch out, the bronze edges will wear on you the second year. and its definitely not the greatest for jumps

but if you like to jib a lot its a dream come true