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what are the pros and cons on these boots......

what are the pros and cons on these boots... first pair i am buying i just always rented.. got to exspencive so figured i should just but apair

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Alex check this out. this should give you all the info.

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I'm a freerider and I do powder and moguls. I picked these boots because I wanted strong thick leather that was not going to bend or stretch and I wanted a lot of strength at the points the binding were going to hold. Lastly I did not want my ankles to jiggle a millimeter inside. It may be a little more work but I prefer tightening my boots up with laces rether than depend on a wire.

When i picked out these boots I did not even know they were DC. I was looking for cetian qualities.

Support and strength at my ankles - This boot gives it.

The only litlle downfall (but I consider it minor) is that the bottom of the boot has little grip and can be slippery, but I'm not there to go hiking.

I bought the grey