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well, im looking for a replacement for my...

well, im looking for a replacement for my vasque sundowners. i like the look of these but im concerned about the fit. i have a slightly narrow foot, and think that a boot with laces further towards the toe might be more appropriate. these look badass, and i like the reviews on their craftsman ship. can i count on these fitting well and the opposite side lacing eyelets not ending up being stacked on top of each other from the leather breaking in and "expanding?"

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I think you could crank them down, but it will take a little bit of a break in period. The leather is stiff, and extremely durable. I just looked at mine, and I dont think it would be possible for the eyelets to overlap, there is good distance between them.

Order up, you will love them.. But FYI.. They get better with time and wear... You will need to break them in.