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to everyone who gave these boots such a...

to everyone who gave these boots such a happy 5 star review when you first bought them... just wondering how the Ozones are now after some days (perhaps an entire season) of riding in em? these are notorious for packing out and their lack of support... i would really be surprised if you're still as staunch a supporter of the Ozone as you were when you first bought them... i agree they are super comfy in the beginning (i mean seriously, what super soft mushy boot isn't? afterall, aren't furry bunny slippers comfy?), but if they were that comfy in the beginning, that's usually a tell-tale sign that these things are gonna pack out on you and become mush... have you taken any big landings in these slippers, er boots? if you're still high on em, more power to ya... but again, i'm just curious, because soft burton boots always seem so sunshine smiley rainbow perfect in the beginning, but then evolve eventually into something you're swearing at profusely midrun (i've been through my share)

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I hear ya, Streblo... However, this is the exact reason why many people want this boot. Its soft and comfy out of the box, but then it does become even more soft throughout the season. If you are looking for something that will break down to a medium flex try the Ion... The ozone is kind of built to be like an ultra lightweight hail or freestyle but with speedzone.