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thnks for all the answers u guys r awe...

thnks for all the answers u guys r awe some. im getting ride contrband 2010/11 and looking into a size 142. how heavy would that be?? i read that the top layer peels very easily ive seen this with the custom also is it true????

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Possibly on some older models, but I have not seen or heard of this in the last few seasons. The board is going to be nice and light at a 142. However if your looking at a metal binding that is going to add some weight. You may want to look at a Custom or a Cartel binding. Any binding made of metal is going to damage quicker and be heavier. Believe it or not a plastic binding is much more durable than a metal binder any day. Whatever way you choose you are going to have a blast.. Get out and shred..