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this seems bulky.. I am looking for a...

this seems bulky.. I am looking for a waterproof jacket for cold rain/snow and to wear on my once a year ski strip, as well as just for a warm winter jacket..
any ideas?

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I bought the shadow jacket for an "urban wear" jacket, however it would perform well almost anywhere. In severe cold, wear it over a fleece item, like the "monkey phur" numbers from Mountain Hardware. I no longer can ski the steep and deep (age is a beotch) but the Shadow would be a perfect ski jacket and seems designed for that purpose in fact. Darn sure a beetter choice than my prior ski wear preference of Bogner ... about $1400 less expensive to start with ... and well designed in the details, like the hood flaps not waving in the wind, but dovetailed in to the collar. Well baffled and no cold spots, and not bulky at all compared to many other coats. My mega-ugly cold jacket is the Mountain Hardware Absolute Zero model, which, as it is a torso furnace, isn't very handy in and out around the city. Now that I have it, the Marmot Shadow becomes my travel jacket of choice to Montana high country in early spring and late fall. Just a well made and intelligently designed coat. It can cover a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions with its features.

Too bad BackCountry has run out of the Shadow in most sizes and colors.