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this is probably a stupid question because...

this is probably a stupid question because iv been riding for 5 years and im an advanced rider haha:P.
whats the difference between the est or non est?

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No stupid questions. EST bindings are made specifically for Burton boards with the channel. Non EST bindings are compatible with traditional 4-bolt pattern boards.

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The Channel
Now on more boards and evolved for greater performance, the Channel(M6) has staked its claim in the marketplace as snowboarding’s most direct connection. Focusing power through a central connection that evenly distributes energy for added rebound and snap, it also lets you easily micro-adjust your stance width and angles. The addition of M6 means we’re using a standardized hardware size that improves upon performance and ease-of-use, and allows for compatibility with all Burton bindings as well as bindings from select competitors, making it a choice for any rider.

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Not stupid at all!

Non-est bindings will fit any board 3-hole, 4-hole, or the Burton channel.

EST bindings stand for "Extra Sensory Technology" - These bindings have no plastic underneath the tray... just nice EVA foam padding, gel in some cases, and a variety of other materials. EST IS BETTER because you optimize the flex and feel of a snowboard like never before. (there is no hard metal or plastic underneath your foot so your board flexes more naturally)

If you have not ridden a Burton channel board with EST binders than you are missing out! It will seriously make you a better rider and you will have more fun!