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this is confusing what is the difference...

this is confusing what is the difference btween the btx, mtx, box scratcher, c2 btx, and i there is a dark series too????? my head is spinning can anyone differentiate between what all is going on and which one have what camber and are good for what. thanks

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-well BTX is banana traction which is their fancy term for rocker designed for unlimited freestyle use all over the mountain: Jibbing, pipe, pow, park, ice, steeps, etc..
- mtx is magna traction which is a wavy edge that gives you more contact points on turns meaning better edge hold.
- box scratcher is more or less a jib board only.
- C2btx is designed for aggressive all terrain freestyle riders and features Banana Tech rocker between your feet combined with camber at each end of the board.
- dark series is just a C2 board

For more information go to their website at

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BTX or C2 BTX combines the banana tech with magnatraction, MTX is just magnatraction

BTX boards have rocker between the bindings with the nose and tail being flat

C2 BTX will have rocker between the bindings while the nose and tail have camber

Magnatraction gives you extra contact points and a wavy edge design that gives you awesome edge hold and cuts through snow and ice like butter (they aren't lying about it, it really does)

the C2 BTX is supposed to give you more stability for free riding and stomping landings in the park

The Dark Series and Box Scratcher are specific models of boards, the box scratcher is basically a jib stick while the dark series is more of an all mountain board