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this is a nice looking pack, but am wondering...

this is a nice looking pack, but am wondering how easy it would be to attach snowshoes to it? i'm looking to get rid of my talon 22 for this (it's too big!). thanks

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Quick answer for you would be that you don't want this pack. The Talon 22 is a 22L pack. This pack is a 32L pack and is therefore bigger than the pack you already have.

Have you considered the Talon 11?

BUT as for how snowshoes attach to this, there are 3 sets of loops running down the front of the pack that you could use accessory strapping to attach your snowshoes. I've seen people do clever thins with 4 feet of strap and a buckle or two--all of which totals less than $5.

Hope this helps!

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i do want a bigger pack so i can haul more stuff on long day hikes! i need more space