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the sizes for the axe is that campaired...

the sizes for the axe is that campaired with hight of the user... how does the sizing work

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A general rule of thumb is to stand up straight, relax your arms at your sides and measure form the tip of your middle finger to the ground. I'd round down to the nearest 5 cm increment. This will of course vary depending on what you're climbing. Steeper you usually go shorter. For reference, I'm 6'4 and use a 70cm axe.

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No, this is wrong. A 6'4" guy using that measurement would have about an 80cm axe which is HUGE.
The length of the axe is primarily based on what you are climbing and secondarily your height.
I'm 5'10 and use a 60cm combined with a single ski pole for lower angled slopes.
Just remember an ice axe is not a walking stick and should not be sized as such. I'd rent one on your first couple outing to get an idea what works best for you.

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Recommended sizing guidelines are: 5’5 and shorter use a 55cm axe;
5’6 to 5’9” use a 60cm axe; 5’9”-6’1 use a 65cm axe; over 6’1 use a
70cm axe.