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the photo and description seem a bit...

the photo and description seem a bit mismatched. does this come with one or two bottles? and are they "7oz each" or "70z" or is it the one in the photo? Also, it says multiple pockets in the description, but i can only see one. Is there a photo showing the other pocket? It also says there is a race number snap. Is that for the back, the front, or the side?

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Hi Chris,
I have an older version of this belt, but I'm pretty sure that there's only one bottle that comes with this newer version. It's a 20 ounce bottle and you can buy replacements from Salomon. Multiple pockets means there's the zippered one that you see and then there is a smaller internal pocket within the zippered one. I so far have put a set of keys and an iPhone 4s in the pocket (keys in the internal and iPhone in the larger one) and there's still a bit of room for a gel pack and some other small items. I haven't tried to use the race number snap, so I can't answer that portion of the question. I would check out Salomon for the specs as well to check (