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soo i just got these bindings in the mail...

soo i just got these bindings in the mail a couple days ago. i was pretty pumped! but then i was mounting them on my board and tried my boot in them. aaand there's no way my boot should fit. i got size medium that should fit a 6-8 boot size right? no. my boots are a size 7. And my boots are not even a wide model of boot. the only way my boots could fit is if i were actually wearing stileto high heels.

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What year and boot model do you have? Is it a women's specific boot?

Some boot models tend to be very large in the heel area which is where you would probably see an issue. Dogfunk has a great return policy and will help get you in the correct size.

Hit me up and I will help ensure you get a model that will fit your boot.

Sorry about the hassle.