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several commenters have said these are too...

several commenters have said these are too tight in the waist and given their height and/or weight; HOWEVER, not a single one stated [their actual waist size vs. the size ordered]. NOT HELPFUL. My waist ranges between 27-30" depending on how much I scarfed "today", but my hips are a solid 37". Should I order a M or a L? I don't mind an ample butt because my "highly developed" lordosis means most base layer pants fit me like old man pants in the front and bikini bottoms in the back, plus pull on my upper thighs. I'm looking at these specifically because several skiers have told me that they are cut high in the back and low in the front - that's the shape I need ... now what size?!

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You guessed right - I totally checked out the chart! Any suggestions from women who've worn these?

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I am guessing you have checked out the sizing chart next to "Select options", but just in case...

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I have a couple of pairs of these pants, and find that the sizing varies widely even between sizes. I bought a size large (I regularly wear a size 10), and it's pretty big on me. I bought a size M and the waist was too tight. In the Large, I find that the butt and legs are pretty wide, but I'm pretty narrow hipped. However, I absolutely love these pants. They are the warmest, most comfortable pants I have and have even worn them x-country skiing. My one big complaint is that after one year, the seams in the back have started to unravel, leaving a hole where my bum is exposed.