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other than weight what are the advantages...

other than weight what are the advantages / disadvantages of titanium cookware vs. aluminum or steel?

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Titanium is more durable than aluminum or steel. Aluminum distributes heat slightly better & is less expensive. Steel cleans up better, heats evenly, but is the heaviest. If you are mainly boiling water & have the money to invest, I'd purchase titanium. I like the durability & lightweight qualities. Aluminum is almost as light, not as durable (dents easily), but is much more wallet friendly. Some people prefer steel cookware. I have a fifteen year old MSR Alpine steel cookset that I used for eleven years prior to titanium & it still looks brand new.

One more option. If you do a lot of cooking in your pot, consider coated cookware. It distributes heat evenly & makes cleanup a breeze. Make sure not to scratch the surface by using plastic, heat resistant utensils.

Many things to ponder. I hope this helps.