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on the one ball jay magnetraction tuning...

on the one ball jay magnetraction tuning tool it has 88 and on the opposite side 90 degrees, are you tuning your edge at 90 degrees when you can see 90 or when you are looking at 88 and 90 is facing down on your board please assist I do not know which way should be up and I want to maintain my edge at 90 degrees

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Hey David. Great question. When it comes to this tool, you are tuning the edge at 90 degrees when the 90 is facing down and the 88 is facing up at you. Tuning at 88 degrees be the opposite. The 88 will face down and you'll be looking at the 90. Also, always be sure to pull the tuning tool the direction that the little arrow on the top of the file bit is pointing towards. I hope this answer helps you out!