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ok, have read the comments... i m in the...

ok, have read the comments... i m in the rain all day.. i walk all day, so summer get hot, winter layer,, i just want a jacket, that i don't get wet in... seems we can send a man to the moon, but to keep dry on earth is a problem... thanks for your time... oh i have gotten jackets from LL Bean, and Columbia and well WET....

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Hi there, sounds to me like you have a predicament that only eVent can solve! I would recommend looking for this version of waterproofing first as it has high waterproof rating and even better breath-ability (to prevent that clammy feeling inside that you could be mistaking for leaking?)... the next one I would choose would be Goretex Pro shell material... Look for jackets with these types of waterproofing and I think your problem will be solved!

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In addition to eVent and Pro Shell, Dryqelite is also highly waterproof and breathable.