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my height 6'3.5" - 6'.4" and weigh 190 on...

my height 6'3.5" - 6'.4" and weigh 190 on a good day. I was thinking about getting this board in a 161w but thought it may be too bulky in the trees. Could i get away with riding the 158w?

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I'm 6'2" 175lbs and can ride my 154cm non-wide as long as the pow isn't to deep. if it is deep then I ride a 157cm non-wide. unless you have huge boots i would reccomend staying away froma wide board. if you are looking for a pow hunting board go long. hope htis helps.

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I'm 6'4 190 lbs with a size 11.5 boot and I ride the Postermania 158wide most of the time. If you are looking to make the Tour your every day board then go with the 158. If you are looking for more of a powder board then go a little longer.