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just bought these and my toes feel like...

just bought these and my toes feel like they're going to die. is this normal or did i buy a size too small? i wear a 10.5 normally and i bought a 42.5

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Generally with climbing shoes you want them mad snug to begin with, just wear them when you're chilling on the couch and they should stretch out with time. If the pain is too intense to stand, I say go up a half size. If you're into SUPER aggressive overhanging bouldering, tight shoes will serve you well, but if you're looking to climb for any period of time or just use these as your swiss army shoe, I would size to something I could stand. Just use your best judgement.

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Climbing is supposed to be fun, if it hurts so much you are not having fun, get a bigger size!

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it hurts when you want that shoe to stay tight for best performance. size up if your doing a recreational all day climb that might have you in the shoes for more than a few minutes at a time