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is this 100 or 45 oz.? cuz i'm confused

is this 100 or 45 oz.? cuz i'm confused

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The options run from 35-100oz, but the the only one currently listed as being in stock is the 45oz. Not much in terms of volume, and if your pack can handle the 100oz, that's what I would recommend, but if 45oz is what you want and need, you're good to go.

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I'll second the motion on the versatility of the 100 oz. size, which to me makes the most sense. If I'm going on a short dayhike, I don't have to fill it, saving weight. If I'm on a hike with limited or no water sources, I can top it off. The cost difference and weight between the sizes is fairly neglible; if you're only buying one, get the 100-ouncer.