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is the deja vu the women's version of the...

is the deja vu the women's version of the burton hero?? i rode a hero as a demo board this weekend and LOVED it -- but i'm having trouble finding it in stock in my size (154-155). there are some 154 deja vu's out there, though, so i was thinking about getting it if it's comparable. from the specs it seems like it is, but i wanted a second opinion.

i'm an intermediate rider, mostly groomed runs and powder, hoping to eventually get better in the park.


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Yes the deja vu is the women's version of the Hero. If you liked the hero you will love the deja vu. I would definitely recommend buying a women's board NOT a men's board. Even if you are an intermediate or advanced rider you will benefit hugely by riding a women's specific setup. Women carry their weight differently then men therefore boards are cut and made differently as well as narrower. You will progress faster riding a women's specific board