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is it waterproof or water-resistant? ...

is it waterproof or water-resistant? would my down bag be ok in the occasional light drizzle or short periods of heavy downpour without a packcover?

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The Bora is going to be water resistant to a light rain. If you're worried about your down bag getting wet, I would suggest two things.
1. Get a waterproof suppression sack for your sleeping bag.
2. Look at the Arcteryx Naos 85, it is a waterproof 85 liter backpack.

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i've had a bora 65 for several years and if I'm not mistaken the bottom compartment is does not have the water resistant/repellent stuff - regardless I've definitely had water seep through the bottom when I've put it on the ground at base camp for extended periods of time in wet conditions. I've never bothered with a rainfly though with over 400 days of use and no shortage of downpours, just put your down bag in one of those handy event compression sacks and you won't have to think about it. Water can get in the brain though so be smart with what you put in there/how you put it in there.