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is it like very very small? Does the munter...

is it like very very small? Does the munter hitch with 10mm rope works smoothly on it?

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Actually, the Münter hitch doesn't work very well on these because their cross section isn't at all round. It's closer to an I-beam shape, which is how it manages to stay so light, but it also means they're not very good for uses where they're seeing a lot of weighted rope drag. It is extremely light, and it's a great shape for a wide gate opening, but if you want to use a Münter you should get a beefier 'biner like the Rocklock. Or buy an ATC and join us in the 21st century.

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"Or buy an ATC and join us in the 21st century."
;) Yes, but in case of losing ATC or whatever situation of not having ATC with me.. Ok but thank You for opinion. Sure it helps! So maybe I'll take 2 Vaporlocks for weight reduction and 1 bigger like Rocklock just in case of Münter hitch belaying - what do You think is it a good idea?

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The VaporLock works well for munter hitches with 10mm ropes though it will wear through the carabiner exceptionally fast as compared to a round bar-stock carabiner, such as the BD Rocklock. On multi-pitch routes I'll generally carry 3-4 Vaporlocks on my harness for various purposes as well as 1 round bar-stock carabiner attached to my belay device.