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im thinking of this boots for 2011 i have...

im thinking of this boots for 2011 i have a pair of forcasts size 42 im a us 9.5 my twos are like hurting coz they are pressed on the end of the boot a pair of k2 darko bowa condas same size but awsome fit what u think it chould be of? what should i do?

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Well depends on what kind of lacing system you want to go for. I know the Darko's come in traditional and BOA lacing. Every BOA system i have ridden have not felt true like a traditional lacing system. Almost like its not your foot but more like an attachment. Maybe thats just me, but some ppl love it. The Darkos are super soft when they get broken in, and my buddy's pair were packed out to sh** after a season of riding them. It also depends on what kind of riding you do and how soft or stiff you like your boots. I personally have a pair of last years TM-2's and couldn't be happier. They destroy everything you throw at them. Super cush foot-bed, good heel hold, and feel like you are wearing a marshmellow on your foot haha. But they don't lose feeling with the board because of that. I would go for the TM-2's for sure. Tried, tested and true. 32 for lifeeee