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i'm re-entering skiiing after a failed...

i'm re-entering skiiing after a failed hiatus trying to learn how to snowboard - apparently i just don't do both feet tied to the same plane.

i'm a very aggressive skiier. once upon a time ski patroller. i'm interested in alpine touring and will be hitting the slopes at local ski resorts.

i'm having a terrible time trying to suss out the different dynafit bindings. i don't understand the difference between st and ft. [why does the radical ft have a bridge, and the radical st doesn't?] i also don't understand the difference between the vertical and the radical series. dynafit's site doesn't seem to have the info i'm looking for.

currently the only things i've got are my boots - a pair of scarpa pegasus'. can someone help me with my seemingly noob questions?

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I know all these terms sure can be confusing. So the different between the ST and the FT is really the DIN setting and weight. The ST has a max DIN of 10 and the FT is 12, the FT weighs a little more. The FT also has the plate to add some stiffness to the binding to improve the way it feels, it also adds weight. The Vertical series is Dynafit's old style compared to the new Radical. The differences is the Radical has a slightly wider toe piece and the climbing bar is much easier as it just flips in and out of the 3 different modes. The Radical toe pieces also have a notch on the toe piece that helps facilitate binding entry. People still use the Vertical series and love them. You can hit me up directly 1800-409-4502 ext 4181 if you have any other questions.