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i'm looking for a light weight axe for...

i'm looking for a light weight axe for general mountaineering, i'm on the fence between this one, and the grivel haute route, which is only 11.2 oz and has a proper steel point at the botom. however the adze seems to be very small so I don't know if it's functional or not. Does anyone know how the two axes compare?

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Honestly I would not consider either for general mountaineering. The Grivel has a negative pick angle, which makes it useless if you had to deal with steep ice. The Raven has more general purpose pick and adze but the lack of real spike can be a problem in some situations.

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I've never used it, but it looks like a self-arrest would be difficult without the proper spike.

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Unsure what's meant by 'proper spike.' To avoid death, keep spike out of snow while self-arresting.