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im looking at the 147 and the 150. i have...

im looking at the 147 and the 150. i have a few questions about the board.
1) im 140lbs but i have i size 12 foot and i dont know what siz i should get.
2) will a large binding fit on it okay?

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150 is the size I would go with. It will be more versatile but still soft and good for pressing and all that good stuff. As for the bindings, the 150 would also be better since it has a wider waist width. I think the large binding with size 12 boots should work. If you could stand going to a 152, the Capita Stairmaster comes in a Wide so that would definitely fit your boot and it is a very similar board to the Artifact. It's a soft cambered jib board that also comes with a low price tag ($339). Plus it you order it off of DogFunk you get an awesome DVD (Capita: Defenders of Awesome) for free. If you are, however, set on the Artifact then a 150 would be okay.