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i'm building fort in the backyard for the...

i'm building fort in the backyard for the grandkids and want to include a rockclimbing wall.. im not familiar with such things and want to know which is the best set to get...our grandkids and nephs n niecs range from just walking to 12 years old... any recommendations??..regardsMana - new grandmother...

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First off, I think it's awesome that you're buliding a fort for them AND want to put a mini climbing wall on it! Rock on! I would stay away from the green holds on this page because they don't have a lot of gripping surface for kids. You'll want to get holds that have big jugs or places for them to sink their fingers into so they can hang on to the holds/wall. There are several sets that look like they might be good: is a kids set:

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I would go with more jugs for younger kids, they are easier to grip and use as footholds. Check out for some good kids packages.
Hope this helps!