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im a boot size 11 should i get a wide...

im a boot size 11 should i get a wide board?

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You're definitely cutting it close to getting the wide version of most boards. However, the 155 cm in this board has a 25.20 waist width. If K2 wanted, they could easily call this a mid wide. The 152 has a 24.90 waist, in that was the length you wanted, I'd go with the 153 wide @ 26.10 waist. confused yet?

If you have a boot with a reduced footprint, you can also get the non-wide version. Now if you were size 11.5 or 12, I'd say definitely get the wide. Hope this helps.

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Put it like this.... If your foot is over size 11, you will be cutting it maaaaad close. I ride a Rome Machine 154w with size 12 boots and im hanging over just a touch. Also my Machine has a waiste width of 26cm. 1cm doesnt seem like much, but aslong as your feet are pretty duck then you will be alright. But I would def go for a wide deck if you have size 12 feet