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i"m 6'5...kinda on the larger side. I have...

i"m 6'5...kinda on the larger side. I have 10 lbs to lose but even then i'm running like 220...I live on the detroit river and love going out but would like to take a more active roll in my water fun, yet most boats...well i don't seem to fit in them. My legs hit the end, i'm too big, generally i don't fit. I'm looking to play in the water more and don't want to be flipped by the freighters and i'd like not to sink any suggestions for great...larger kayaks??

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i...fortunately or unforunately look like a full back..not exactly kayak material. I'm great with water, i'm a master diver, just need something i can fit in

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This is a little late for an answer, but check out the Wavewalk W500 that is a new concept based on a co-jointed dual-hull system. It also has a generously sizeable cockpit and its REALLY STABLE. The specs put the max. loading at 360 lbs.
Check this :
Retails at $996 and upwards for variants of the model.