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im 6"2, 165 lbs. gettin the scallywag 155...

im 6"2, 165 lbs. gettin the scallywag 155 with rome 390 bosses. i wear burton hails size 10. confused if i should go for the s/m binds or l/xl, they say s/m is for US for 6-9 and l/xl for 9+. but i don’t want my boots to swim around in the binds

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Could go either way. I'd personally lean towards the larger bindings. With the smaller ones your feet may not fit in right, at least with the larges you could strap your feet in tight. Also remember the Dogfunk return policy is great, whichever size you choose set it up on your board and if it's not working return them or exchange them. Good luck, by the way, sounds like a sick board set up.