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Gear Question

im 6'1 or 6'2 and about 140 is 156 to big...

im 6'1 or 6'2 and about 140 is 156 to big for me i ride park but i got a big foot so i need wide

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You could ride anything in the 152-158 range. Seeing as your height has nothing to really do with sizing, you can ride the 156 no problem. I mean height does in a sense, but at your weight, it wont make a huge difference. The kink has sick flex, rides like a dream, is a nice light board, even in wide, and Ride uses Slime Walls whitch is sick when ur always killin the park. I demoed this board and every one before this one and I love this deck. I have the Kink from 2 years ago and its still kickin like the first day I got it. Changed over to a Rome Machine 154W for last season and this upcoming one, and im 6' 165lbs. But the 156 should be fine for you. Gives you a little extra length to take it everywhere rather than being stuck with a deck that really only does well in the park. Hope this helps brotha