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im 5'11 and like to hit jumps and shit. i...

im 5'11 and like to hit jumps and shit. i never know what size to get for my board. i had a 152 but i feel like it was too short . shoudl i go 154?

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Yo Zach, weight is more important than height in determining the correct snowboard size. Unless you're ridiculously skinny, at your height I'd think you would be happier hitting jumps on a little bit bigger board - more effective edge means more stability and less washing out on landings.

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you should ride about 4 cm lower than you normally would because its reverse camber giving you more effective edge so if you normally ride a 156 cambered you can ride a 152. it's all about preference. The dogfunk return policy is amazing so if you get the wrong size you can return if for a full refund no questions asked.