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if the suit is "made from scrap neoprene...

if the suit is "made from scrap neoprene and old wetsuits" why is it $300

edit: $359.95

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Hey Bob - the suit is actually not made entirely from scrap neoprene off the factory floor. O'Neill works continuously with their factories and a handful of outside partners to find ways to recycle and repurpose neoprene at the end of the wetsuit life cycle. They are inventing ways to refine scrap neoprene and re-intorduce it into other materials to build a variety of components and products typically only made with first gen neoprene. Think recycled plastic outer and inner layer on 100% legit, uber-high-end, buttery-moving, ultimately-warm neoprene.
Each Psycho RG8 full suit saves around 100 plastic bottles from potentially polluting the Oceans and decreases the bottles that will flow to the oceanic trash vortexes... which, in and of itself is pretty cool.