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i weigh 200 lbs should i switch from a 23...

i weigh 200 lbs should i switch from a 23 to a 25 tire? I ride a Specialized Roubaix Comp and do a lot of climbing. Is there a difference in ride with the 25.

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As a Clydesdale, your concern ridding needs to be on rims and tire psi. A wider tire will slow you down, add stability, but not impact your weight on it. A lighter rider can use a lower PSI tire, i shop for the highest I can find; Im switching to tubular zipp firecrest this year for this. I weigh in at 230lbs and still ride a 700x20, I hate 23s. A rule of thumb is you PSI rating should be 80% of your body weight, we are screwed.

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I weigh 180 and have 23's on my Roubaixs Expert and 25s on my Roubaix S-Works. The 25s ride as fast as the 23s but there is a huge difference in cornering and descending. The 25s are far superior to the 23s. Plus, lower pressure means more comfort = less fatigue. If you haven't already done so, switch to a 23mm rim, mount some 25s and play with tire pressure (I run 90 in the back and 80 in the front). You won't be disappointed.